Tamara Murphy's new resto finally opens

Not to be confused with how a New Englander would pronounce an extremely scary serving platter, Terra Plata is the James Beard winner's aggressive farm-to-table eatery, now open, after more than 18 months of legal wrangling, in the Melrose Market, which is also an exchange where Andrew Shue futures contracts are trading at...well, look at that, they're free.

Here's what to expect from:

The Space: Heavy on raw wood and exposed concrete/brick, and dominated by a spinnaker-shaped bar trussed with liquor-/wine-stocked shelves, the triangular area boasts two walls lined with sliding floor-to-ceiling windows that come to a point at the door, unless of course the room's just being obtuse.

The Food: Featuring just a few holdovers from the shuttered Brasa, the menu's divided into three main categories: Earth (Cappelletti w/ sage, hazelnuts & reggiano, Pumpkin Soup w/ pecorino), Sea (chorizo/smoked cheese Baked Oysters), and Land, including a chorizo-/clams-supplemented Roast Pig, and Rabbit w/ Serrano ham & a sage jus, which, up until 2007 or so, was constantly mistaken for Alan Greenspan.

The Drinks: They've got a sizable wine list and suds (Pike's Kilt Lifter, Georgetown's Lucille IPA), but the sweetest imbibables are from the craft cocktail list, including the 1888 Blend (cinnamon/orange-infused brandy, Cointreau & Metaxa), and the vodka/pomegranate liqueur/pear Pearsephone, named for the Greek goddess of the harvest, or as they'd call her in New England "Nawt Wes Welkah, so who effing cares?".