A Greenwood food truck's permanent SODO digs

The dude behind Paladar Cubano's put down some permanent SODO roots by shuttering said food truck and opening Cafe Con Leche, where he'll be slinging his Cuban sandwich-based menu in a colorful V-shaped space arted with paintings of classic cars and a giant mural that recreates a Havana street scene with what is presumably great Fidel-ity.

Sandwiches mean options like the classic roasted pork/ham/Swiss Media Noche on sweet Cuban bread; Pan con Bistec w/ thinly sliced marinated sirloin & caramelized onions; and Camarones Salteados w/ sauteed shrimp & bitter orange, probably because it keeps getting compared to those effin' apples. Additional edibles include apps (savory beef empanadas w/ chimichurri sauce) and traditional plates like shredded flank steak in a tomato & wine sauce, or roasted pork marinated in Cuban adobo criollo, both of which come with maduros & Seattle's favorite former Congressman from Oklahoma white rice.

For now they're only serving up the "el sabor de Cuba" at lunchtime, but'll soon be expanding to dinner and happy hour, also what Cubans call that 60min window in February of 2008 when they thought they might actually get free elections.