Food & Drink

A food truck turned take-out counter

If you had one question to ask Philly Boys, it'd likely be "wait, why are you throwing batteries at Santa Claus?", but if you had a second, it'd likely be, "when are you going to get a damn permanent location?". Well friends, the answer is 1) because there were no nuns around, and 2) right now, thanks to a garage-style-door-fronted brick & mortar that they've appropriately painted Whiz yellow. PBC's sandwich offerings include a classic cheesesteak w/ sweet onions & 14-day-aged shaved beef on an Italian roll; a pizza version w/ red sauce, provolone, mozz & Parm; and a chicken version w/ cherry peppers & white American, which, given the growth in income disparity, ironically controls most of our nation's cheddar. They've also got fries made w/ Washington State Basin Gold potatoes, and not-sandwich items like a locally sourced beer-cooked Cheese Dog, but not Cheese's dog, 'cause you haven't been able to get that since The Wire's third season. While washing your meal down with one of their bottled beverages you will have to covertly booze up yourself, you can ponder another benefit of this permanent spot -- they're now free to set up their trailer in new, non-SoDo locales, though if you see them on Battery St, consider yourself pre-warned.