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It's worth the trip

In 1792, George Vancouver took his ship down from Canada, checked out some land by a bay, named it Bellingham after a dude in the Royal Navy who may've been a storekeeper, and then famously declared, "220 years from now, a kick-ass butcher and chef will arrive on these shores and team up with a woman who spent time on a farm in Italy, and they will create a simple, comfort-y menu of country fare. Meanwhile, I will return to England, where the Prime Minister's younger brother will assault me on a London street corner." Proving the brave Captain's vision true: Cassoulet Cafe.

Started by said farming vet and a Seattle chef who has won awards for his butchering (he opened The Swinery), cooked for Anthony Bourdain, and been called an "Icon of the Seattle Food Scene" by swooning media types, CC gives you a reason to go to the largest city in Whatcom County by offering up "old world" classic country fare in a homey space dominated by 16-seat communal table, and walls that make the best use of mellow yellow paint since Cole Trickle. Lunch options include some of the Chef's famous pork terrine w/ cornichons, housemade mustards & greens, and sandwiches like a fancified BLT on toasted sourdough featuring Halloumi cheese, basil, tomato, and "house bacon", which it must've made to last eight freakin' seasons. Dinner moves include maple vinegar fried chicken w/ leeks, cranberries & almonds, Mediterranean lamb patties w/ romesco & tzatziki, and a honey/chili/olive-aided Smokey Pork Tagine, since making Smokey Bear Tagine is a... oh no... firing offense.

They're also going to have both "classic and nouveau cocktails", local suds and vino, and a weekend brunch w/ chicken & waffles drizzled w/ whole grain mustard maple syrup, and something called the "Spanish Pile Up", also a move the Prime Minister's bro used on poor George that fateful day in England.