Food & Drink

Vittles from Vietnam/Philippines = the bomb.

Combining cultures is a good way for new lab-techs to get in some serious trouble on CSI (Horatio hates that more than losing his sunglasses!), but it's also a good way to create a veritable taste Xplosion, at least according to the couple behind Xplosive Mobile Food Truck. They're fusing together the Filipino and Vietnamese eats they grew up with, adding some south-of-the-border, and slinging the results from a classic taco truck wrapped in gray-on-gray graphics, like that 50 Shades spinoff in which Christian dominates himself. XMFT's takes on classic dishes include Chicken Adobo Fried Rice w/ garlic & scallions topped by an over-easy egg, and their Boom Vermicelli Bowls w/ choice of meat (lemongrass pork, Fili beef steak, Longanisa sausage, etc...), veggies/herbs & their fish-based "special sauce", which any true G-loves. They've also got tacos on fresh tortillas, classic banh mi sandwiches, plus tiny Grenade Banh Mi Sliders, also what they called that episode where John Rhys-Davies saves the rest of the team by confusedly eating several incendiary devices in a mall food court. If you need one of their sandwiches right away, you wouldn't score well on the Stanford marshmallow experiment testing delayed gratification, but you would score well this weekend by checking them out at the Mobile Food Rodeo in South Lake Union alongside 45 other trucks like BUNS, the Grilled Cheese Experience, and Street Treats, all of which'll only put you in serious trouble if you didn't wear elastic-waisted pants.