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Sol Kitchen NFL Playoffs Catering

While always satisfying, the standard football-watching food can get monotonous, but then again, that's why Bill Parcells invented Tostitos Hint of Lime. Outdoing even the Tuna, Sunday Football Catering from Sol Kitchen.Run by two imaginative chef buddies who work at the Trump International Beach Resort and were behind the Paradigm Test Kitchens, Sol delivers serious game-day comestibles right to your doorstep; each six-man Sol Sunday package nets you three starters, three mains, two sides, and a dessert, and changes weekly to honor the teams on the field, though PETA might have some issues when it's the Dolphins. Here's what's up for this weekend's slate:Kick Off: The meal starts sweet, with Seahawk cappuccino shots garnished with chocolate espresso beans; Jets Big Apple Craka'jax made with caramel popcorn and apple chips; and 1st & 10, house-made kettle chips and a charred scallion sauce they've dubbed "crack dip", also what Michael Irvin attributed any decrease in his stats to.Designed Plays: Three mains, including the Pitts-burgher (Primanti-style meatloaf, coleslaw, and potato sticks); Dirty Bird "Falcon" wings with a peach & pepper glaze; and bratwurst on a pretzel roll with whole grain basil mustard, peppers, and onions they've dubbed Green Bay Beer Brats, who're always whining when somebody shows up with Old Style instead of Schlitz.Sidelines: They also throw in two side dishes: Patriot Boston Baked Beans made with molasses and salt pork, plus chunky Old Bay Baltimore crab & artichoke dip served with crackers -- ambitious, as it's nearly impossible to get those hicks off their airboats.And to combat dangerous almost-fitness, they include the 2 Minute Warning, which this week means Chicago "deep dish" Cheesecake Bars, modeled after the Windy City's pizzas. They'll also throw in plates, utensils, and paper towels, which that hyper-competitive Parcells doesn't believe in ever throwing in, at least until they're totally covered with salsa.