Atlanta's Super Bowl Recipe Roundup

Atlanta getting housed in usual 1st-round-elimination fashion doesn't mean you have suddenly become un-American. Keep your cronies happy with these big game-ready recipes donated by three of ATL's most dude-approved chefs, who'd never force you to swallow Black Eyed Peas at halftime.Bacon-Wrapped/Shrimp-Stuffed Grilled Jalapeno Poppersby Justin Haynie of Diesel Filling Station These skewered, stuffed peppers get enveloped by everyone's favorite pig candy before being cooked over hot coals for 15mins; the Diesel chef/owner even suggests that since "1 beer = 7mins", you should use your beer as a timer, so just stop when it starts to buzz.Homemade Grilled Pizzaby Alex Friedman of P'cheen Prep the dough, then add sauce, cheese, and a sturdy helping of pork (bacon, Italian sausage, pepperoni) before putting it on the grill to char; Lex boasts that "after just one bite the hotties will want you, and the fellas will want to be you", though everyone will become just like you if you're Bela Lugosi.BBQ Pepper Kale Chipsby Shane Devereux of Top Flr Because gangsta is the only way to do veggies, sweet-'n-spicy-up some kale before cutting it into large chips, and if you've seen Erik Estrada recently, you'd know there really isn't any other kind.