Boston's Super Bowl Snack Attack

The Pats may have (fake) punted away their 14-2 season, but that shouldn't stop you from stuffing that horribly empty feeling inside with deliciously easy-to-make recipes from a couple of the Hub's All-Pro chefs and a renowned cocktail QB: New Orleans BBQ ShrimpJason Santos, Gargoyles on the Square Blatantly ignore the fact that NO lost to the Seahawks with these spicy Southern-spun shrimp jazzed up w/ Creole seasoning, your favorite suds, and a healthy dose of Louisiana hot sauce, though anyone who's ever watched him travel 14 times without leaving a 3ft radius knows he's from Orlando.Popcorn shrimp, jumbo shrimp, Tom Cruise, snapping shrimp -- you can use any variety in this recipe!!!Soy-Honey Beef JerkyMarco Suarez, Canary Square Because real men kill and dehydrate their own meat, spend the day at least pretending to do so, as you dry out hearty beef brisket seasoned w/ black peppercorn, garlic, mustard seed, and bay leaf, but not Bay State leaf, cause that ish is from the Elm.Naturally, you can also use the leftover venison you're storing in the basement freezerNight TrainAaron Butler, Russell House Tavern Named after one of the league's fiercest old school DBs (Dick Lane), this bourbon and amaretto highball locks you down with a blend of lemon/honey/bitters before intercepting your senses with an ale from Rogue Dead Guy, also what Professor X would scoldingly say to the X-chick when she accidentally touched someone's skin. Seriously, in the '50s receivers struggled to get off Dick Lane Island! Get the drink deets here.