San Diego Super Bowl Snack Down

Unlike most of the Chargers' post season performances, you don't want your Super Bowl party to completely crumble at the end, unless of course that's what you're serving, in which case: excellent execution. To keep things snacking strong, we asked some of SD's most hard-Charging gourmands to whip up awesome, stupid-simple gametime recipes."Black 'N Bleu" Sirloin and "Cheese Head Grits"Brian Malarkey of Searsucker Being cooked up by the man himself in the Owner's Club at the Bowl, this neutral mashup of team-themed goodness is comprised of gloriously spiced sirloin topping shockingly easy grits, also the name of a movie where Rooster Cogburn will suck the poison out of anyone.Eat like the stars & scope the full recipe, hereHeirloom Wisconsin Black Seed Popcorn w/ Truffle Salt and Parmigiano ReggianoWade Hagemen of Blue Ribbon Artisan Pizzeria No longer a lower caste junk food, this upscale corn's blinged out with two types of truffle seasonings, and looks so damn good it doesn't have to be Smartfood.Pop and shake your way to impressing your friends right hereChorizo Stuffed DatesRyan Johnston of Prepkitchen These sausage-stuffed, heavily breaded, deeply fried bites of heaven may well mark the first time in history that dates at a Super Bowl party will actually get eaten. This is supposed to be your day!They're sweet, hot, and easy as 1-2-3...4, so check out the insanely simple recipe here