Miami's Super Bowl Snack-Recipe Bonanza


Because chips and salsa just don't cut it come Super Sunday, we collected recipes from three local big-time chefs that're quickly whip-up-able with just standard supermarket supplies, which'll impress everyone until they're all gone, and your party's left with nothing more than a Hint of Lame

Jalapeno Corn Dogs Carlos Barillas, B&B Joint Kick back with this pickled 'peno twist on the summer treat, which combines flour and sugar with peppers and buttermilk for a simple batter in which you'll coat "franks on a skewer", even though Caliendo's eating habits usually leave the skewers in him.
Frank Caliendo will eat your family too, if you don't check this recipe

Three-Meat Balls Jeff McInnis, Gigi Made with a carnivore's trifecta of beef, pork, and veal, McInnis says the leftovers of these sauced spheres "can also be grilled up into a mean burger", though wasn't that the whole reason Carrie dumped him on the fifth season of Sex and the City?!
Get a recipe hotter than Kristin Davis in yoga pants right here

Kobe Beef Sliders w/ Caramelized Onions Sean Brasel, Meat Market on Miami Beach These things'll blow your White Castle out of the moat thanks to top-quality beef, brioche buns, and optional foie gras. Sean also recommends finishing things off with a little mango-infused mustard, so just try to eat around the lamé shorts and spangled beret.
Get down to business with this here recipe

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