Easy-to-make Big Game eats

Celebrate the three week anniversary of Marshawn Lynch's 67 yard TD run with delicious, dude-friendly, simple-to-make Super Bowl-inspired recipes from two of the city's hottest vittles purveyors, and an equally bad ass mixologist, none of whom want you to spend halftime exclusively digesting Black Eyed Peas:

Pig Wrapped DatesCory Chigbrow, Pintxo Cooked up by Belltown's most acclaimed small plate slinger, this orange juice-glazed finger food mans up dates via bacon and cayenne, and even looks like little footballs, though they in no way lead to a... wait for it... tight end!

The Big D Dog Laura Olsen, Po Dogs The chef-trepreneur behind the Cap Hill gourmet meat-missilery elevates the usual BBQ sauce'd Texas-style dog by adding guacamole and onion rings, which aren't as shiny as Super Bowl rings, but taste better, and more importantly, are available in Seattle.

Beer BowlRuadhri McCormick, Re:public A group-friendly concoction from the chief cocktail-slinger at 2010's most feted bar, this ginger beer-based punch spices up rum with ingredients ranging from honey to thyme, so make sure you've got enough, lest you run into a Thyme Crisis.