Portland's Super Bowl Snackdown

The Seahawks make pro football only the second thing Portlanders are jealous of Seattle for, the first being their big pointy tower thing that looks like a metallic cheeseburger on a spike. Of course, the Seahawks suck, and now Seattle can be jealous of these crazy-simple snack recipes from our chefs, as Tatupu sits Lofa-ing around on his couch this Sunday

Crispy Fried Oyster Po' Boy Sandwich Cups Adam Sappington, Country Cat This riff on the Louisiana staple adds lowbrow white bread to create a crispy single-hand-able savory snack cup, because even if they're not the Rocky Mountain variety, you gotta keep your oysters protected on game day.Hit the link and dress up your bivalves

A.B.L.CVitaly Paley, Paley's Place The James Beard winner combines croissants with avocado, bacon, and crustacean to create a sando that's officially the second-easiest way to get crabs into your system, the first being "politely asking Ben Roethlisberger what time it is, and forgetting your mace at home".The recipe testifies to awesomeness at the other side of this link

Simple Wings Ben Meyer, Grain and Gristle From a cat who has proven his skill with American favorites, this uncomplicated-yet-inventive citrusy wing recipe'll earn you culinary props without needing a fryer in your kitchen, which is a shame, as those dudes have the most hilarious hair ever.Rock this link for a recipe everyone'll wanna Tuck in to