Denver's Super Bowl Snacking

Just because the Super Bowl will be without the Broncos' awesomeness doesn't mean your party's food has to be: seriously, the hindquarters are supposedly quite tender. To help you at least cook with the spirit of the Broncos, we asked chefs from Big Game, West End Tavern, and EDGE Steakhouse to whip us up some deliciously simple recipes. Enjoy:Spinach, Bacon and Tomato DipChef Leo Harvey, Big Game Restaurant and Lounge A creamy dip packed with cream cheese, parm, mozz, and pig strips, this app serves 4-6, or as an amuse-bouche for one Dallas resident.Dip strong with the full recipe, hereOver the EDGE Kobe Beef slidersChef Simon Purvis, EDGE Restaurant & Bar Dig in to these compact, satisfying burgers set off with blue cheese, jalapenos and rashers, also known as Canadian bacon, or less-widely, Irish bacon -- also what three-movie-a-year Cillian Murphy's well on his way to becoming. He never sleeps!!Slide these babies to a plate near you, hereBacon & Shrimp Mac-'n-CheeseChef Chris Blackwood, The West End Tavern Because no mac-'n-cheese is complete without pork or seafood, whip up this epic, Cajun-seasoned dish that piles in shrimp, Cillian Murphy bacon, shallots, and "heavy cream", because The Black Keys are delicious. The world's most perfect food just got more perfect, and you can make it via these devastatingly simple steps