Philly's Super Bowl Snack'ums

You've got friends coming over for the game and food's expected, but unless they're Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher, that can of sardines ain't gonna cut it; that being the case, here're three easy top-flight-chef-sourced recipes that'll make watching the refs give the Steelers another title all the more enjoyable

Super Bowl Tuna TostadasFrom Executive Chef Guillermo Tellez, Square 1682 Putting an Asian spin on a gameday staple, these individual-serving nachos skip the processed cheese in favor of guac and sushi-grade tuna with an olive oil rub, which is usually "If you bang her, Popeye will club you to death with his forearms".Eye up the recipe here

BBQ Beef PuffsFrom Chef Jordan "Red" Sauter, Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant Boasting an easy three-ingredient-list, these toasty, savory pockets of meat mix heaps of barbecue and cheese better than a quarter episode of Down Home With The Neely's.Three ingredients? But which three?! Find out here.

Ian's Fish 'N Chips Po' BoysFrom Chef Mitch Prensky, Supper Get into more substantial grub with fish sticks and tater tots coming together to create a British-inspired po' boy, which you'll definitely be if you talk about how long the "queue" is while shopping at Aldi.Here's a card with all the instructions; all you gotta do is click