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A truck for Mexican munching-ness

Being in the presence of a queen is an opportunity of a lifetime, whether you're shaking hands with Elizabeth, or marveling at Latifah's makeup in person, and being able to ask if she's really an easy breezy. Get acquainted with the city's newest street-food royalty: Tamale Queen

Now cruising the streets of ATL, TQ's a brilliant yellow rig serving on-the-spot Mexican eats, started by two ladies who're ambitiously planning a fleet of various ethnic "Queen" trucks (Afghan, African, Burmese, Nepalese...) that'll be run/cheffed by refugee mothers affiliated with the women/children organization Fugees Family, whether they're Ready or Not. Everything's at least a little spicy, and nothing's over $2.50, including tacos like adobo-seasoned pork loin, shredded chicken w/ onions & tomatoes, a veggie joint (black beans, queso fresco, cabbage, pico), and a marinated, onion-topped skirt steak, also what Kirstie Alley plans on wearing to the Oscars. Further chomping includes tamales with signature herb green sauce (chicken, veggie w/ jalapenos), which you can wash down with Jarritos Mexican sodas before taking on desserts like the creamy Classic Flan with caramel drizzle, also what Kirstie Alley would wishfully predict if she was a weather woman

They intend to have Latin music blasting from the truck, and'll soon be adding stuffings like breakfast tacos, burritos, "Mexican spaghetti", and even more deliciousness "as they roll on" -- although if you point out a roll on Latifah, you'll have to call her later to makeup.