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The Wheeling Chef

You should never let a so-called disability get in the way of greatness; just take the example of polio-stricken FDR, or Michael Bolton, who they say is deaf in one ear, although it often seems like both. Overcoming his own to hook you up with cookies so he can achieve his Olympic goals, The Wheeling Chef

A graduate of the Florida Culinary Institute, The Wheeling Chef (aka Rick Zengler/Chef Wheelz) bakes pimped out English toffee and Scottish shortbread cookies as a means of funding his dream: wheelchair fencing in the US Paralympics, a goal towards which he trains daily and one he says helps him "get in touch with his inner pirate", because everyone ultimately wants to find out who they ARRRR! Cookies come by the dozen in varieties such as crunchy maple bacon, Death By Chocolate (w/ cocoa powder & chocolate shavings), Irish cream, and Guinness; even swanker sandwich-style fillings include Nutella or orange marmalade infused with Grand Marnier, although not Grand Mariner, as nobody wants to taste Jay Buhner. Mr. Wheelz is also dishing handmade English toffees in flavors like pecan, almond, walnut, or even a custom batch using nuts of your choice, though souping them up with the premium ones will depend on how much cashew halve

Rick will ship or personally deliver your cookie order, and has also set up a cash-saving Shortbread of the Month Club, so you don't end up sitting around wondering How Am I Supposed to Live Without Chew?