Burgers, then you, get stuffed in Waltham

Aside from being called "Watch City", Waltham isn't really known for much, though you'd keep it quiet too, if you were once a part of Watertown. For a reason to visit even non-exhibitionists can get behind, City Streets.

Trading in karaoke for stuffed meat, the two buddies behind CS have transformed the former Legends Hall of Fame Grill into a more upscale neighborhood pub-staurant slingin' internationally twisted New American in a 120-seat three-room space tricked out with 21 black wood tables/booths, nine big screens, and large framed photos of famous streets/landmarks from around the globe, including Bourbon, Broad, and Fore, which is sure to be an unintentional hit. Specialty handpressed half pound burgers include the Mediterranean stuffed w/ feta, fire-roasted peppers, and kalamata olives; one chock full of mac & cheese and topped w/ toasted bread crumbs; and the Sicilian, which is filled w/ mozzarella, prosciutto, and creepy whistles aimed at college chicks walking down Salem Street. There're also burly full plates like grilled bone-in pork chops over sweet potato mash w/ a green peppercorn sauce; an Italian Sausage Cavatappi Bake w/ 'shrooms, spinach, and ricotta; and a 14oz handcut Tuscan strip finished with a squeeze of lemon, which seems like a great idea, until the bouncers kick you out.

As it is a neighborhood pub, CS pours a well-curated lineup of sudsy brews like Sixpoint Bengali Tiger and Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar, and is also planning to throw regular indoor "block parties" focused on the cuisine of individual 'hoods -- a great idea if you don't want things to start feeling WateredTown.