Food & Drink

Hey, I'm makin' pizzah heah!

Pre-opening, the sage gentleman behind Wiseguy NY Pizza is taste-testing his product with 100 "pizza snobs", which he defines as people in the 'za industry or anyone from New York, so at least you know when not to go in there

After that, the tin-cieling'd parlor should be safe though, despite the prominently displayed tommy gun, part of a collection of Big Apple nods including B & W city photos, an old-timey radio, and a 7ft replica of the Statue of Liberty (so pretend to be Godzilla, then eat a ton of pizza and actually become him). The perfect "thin, crispy, lightly-charred" crust starts with a custom-made water filtration unit that softens the hard, PH-loaded DC water going into the dough, which is then cooked in 2in thick "old-school" deck ovens. Everything's made with Tuscan-imported extra virgin olive oil & housemade mozz, which you can then top with stuff like house fennel sausage, hot sopressata, and organic farm eggs, or go the signature route with the ricotta/ Kalamata olive/ pesto/ "Ray's", or the square-cut "Grandma" -- bring a box to the party for excellent social security

Of course there're also the requisite calzones & rolls, plus bruschette and a bunch of heroes, or what people from New York call, anyone from New York.