<em>They're heating up!</em>

Disclaimer: Cusbah's menu has a disclaimer... which says that everything on it is hot

Good, now that we've weeded out the weak: Cusbah serves authentic Pakistani & North Indian in what looks like a South Asian spice bar... wrapped up into a kebab shop... plopped down on H Street. Like a semi-rebellious 7th grader, it's covered in henna art, and the walls are lined with spice jars containing the very heat that goes into chicken tikka makhni w/ coriander, ginger & turmeric, roti stuffed w/ diced chicken, onions & tomatoes, and "red hot" lamb "Ghost Vindaloo" -- sleep in the same room as anyone who's just eaten it, and you'll wish your house was just haunted by the normal, killer kind. Your taste buds toast, torch your sobriety with 'tails like the Imlee Marg with tamarind, and the gin/ muddled coriander/ jalapeno Silk Road, so named because by the time you get to this one, you'll likely be doing the worm

If you're smart though -- and you clearly are, as you didn't stop at the disclaimer -- you'll hit the patio and cool off with one of eight drafts (from Abita to Lagunitas) you can order from a walk-up window. Or go cocktail and beer, and watch as people in the restaurant become hot, too.