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The much more important beltway

The first US outpost of a chain that's already fishified Britain, YO! Sushi is one of them conveyor belt spots you've seen on TV/in your dreams: called "kaiten sushi", the setup allows you to basically just sit there and grab passing plates whenever the mood strikes, meaning their belt will ensure that you need to eventually buy a new, longer one of your own.Tucked into Union Station even though the Japanese would laugh at our primitive commuter trains (eh, that would be too rude -- they'd definitely silently disapprove though), the colorful space is teched out with TVs displaying the menu, filtered water dispensers at each table, and some sort of computer tracking system that ensures no food stays on the belt for over an hour. The plates are color-coded for price (you stack 'em when finished, and are billed accordingly), with over 70 dishes including signature "sushi ninja" creations like a salmon & avocado seaweed cone, and the Spicy Tuna Gunkan w/ top-quality yellowfin & masago sauce, as well as hot dishes like the spicy sushi rice/Asian vegetables "Shrimp Firecracker", which's also a cute way of describing someone with a Napoleon complex.Tokyo's engineering community has brought great shame on itself by not yet figuring out how to get drinks on the conveyor belt, so each table's got an airplane-style call button that'll summon your waiter (via color-changing LED pole), who'll in turn summon your sake, or Japanese brews highlighted by Hitachino Nest White Ale, perfect if you're a craft beer hunter looking to put another notch in your belt.