Hand-cut steaks and a 5000-bottle wine wall

Wildly shoot your revolvers into the air while dancing, because Dallas-born Del Frisco's Grille is opening Saturday on Penn Ave! An offshoot (pow pow!) of the Double Eagle Steakhouse that's been a Big D mainstay for over 20yrs, the Grille's "steakhouse roots" are now planted in a "quintessential Washingtonian space", which apparently means a 5000-bottle wine wall, raw metal fixtures, a 100-seat patio w/ shaded banquettes, and come Winter, pyramid heaters & tableside "fire jars", coincidentally what you use for target practice while hopping back and forth in your comically large boots

Hand-cut steaks're highlighted by a 14oz strip and a blackened, BBQ-rubbed Delmonico, while other heartiness includes a Leidy Farms mesquite-smoked pork chop (w/ a bourbon-apple glaze), and a short rib stroganoff, which your brain's pleasure receptors will think you're doing when eating it. The 'tails are named all sexy-like, so going here with your parents will be even more uncomfortable than when you guys saw the opening scene in Jerry Maguire, but regardless, there's the Skirt Chaser (gin/ St Germain/ Tabasco), the Sugar Daddy (tequila/ Solerno/ guava/ cayenne rim), and the District Hottie (rum/ simple syrup/ jalapeno slice)

And if you're important enough to go to a steakhouse for lunch (i.e., can get away with taking a work nap immediately following a steakhouse lunch?), they've got ahi tuna steak, crab cakes in a Cajun lobster sauce, and a cheeseburger w/ double patties and "sloppy sauce", or as they call it in Texas "the whiskey you drink out of your jangly spurred boot to put you in that shootin' mood!".