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Penn Quarter's newest should work out

Roll up your sleeves and expose your pythons to the office immediately, because everyone in the office needs to know that you're reading about the Protein Bar.Ironically coming out of a city whose main sources of protein are pepperoni and bits of cheese stuck to deep dish pans (...Chicago), this health-conscious counter-orderer's serving muscle-synthesizing goodness every which way:Grilled or chilled, their BAR-RITOS include the organic beef/ dried cranberries/ blue cheese Steak House, a BBQ chicken joint with organic quinoa (the grain of the future, today!), and the chicken/ hummus/ Kalamata olives Greek Town, significantly more healthy than DC's other Greek Town, McFadden's.Then there's the breakfast, which's bold, indeed: bowls of fluffy scrambled egg whites with pesto/ spinach/ parmesan, or tastied-up with tomatoes/ broccoli/ onions/ cheddar in the "Denver Scramble", or what you'll essentially never see out of the pocket now that Peyton is in town.Oh, you like drinking your protein? Well, of course they've got that, and each drink has a cuter, DC-er name than their store-bought counterparts (Really GNC, "100 Whey"? That's barely even a pun.), like the chocolate malt Capital Cocoa, the choco/ peanut butter/ agave Federal A'Peel, and more that can't be listed here, as it's clearly time to dip.