Grab 'n go from the Againn guys

Garages and coffee shops: both filled with noisy machines. Both operated by dudes who rarely shower. Both suppliers of that necessary crank. Continuing to build on those obvious parallels: Bean & Bite

With an interior the Againn crew assembled almost entirely back in their garage, B & B plays up the grease-head angle with industrial piping light fixtures and "refuel" signs highlighting separate, barnwood-constructed service stations for creating your own salad, grabbing a sandwich, or snagging a latte from one of their prized, $12K German bean machines. Wheel over to

Drink: The machines spew out six signature pick-me-ups like Flying Monkey Espresso with deep cocoa and "clementine sweetness". The coffee's all from Intelligentsia blends, including, for now, their Summer Solstice, which's said to contain notes of ripe cherry, fresh orange, and hard candy, or how Louie Anderson describes "those ones in the damn packages that require non-sausage fingers to get open"

Eat: All the ingredients are sourced via Fresh Link ("family farms to city plates"), and the bread's baked in-house for basic sammies like roast beef, caprese, and chicken salad. There's also a salad bar stocked with the finest in nuts and chickpeas and the like, though eating healthy isn't totally in keeping with the auto-mechanic ethos of winding up on your back, looking up.