Food & Drink

Small plates, big beats

Remember Recess, where you'd scamper around and chase girls all over the place? No, not like in school. This place. Well, now they want you to do your pre-chase eating there, too, and have brought in a Venezuelan chef to craft an extensive menu of tapas from his home country, so it's no surprise that their small plates are meant to share.Meats range from "Peruvian classic" lomo saltado (steak w/ onions & tomatoes) to pan-seared lamb chop in a rosemary demi-glaze, while seafood includes fresh PEI mussels in a light cream chipotle sauce, and their version of coconut shrimp, which's served in a pot and called camarones "al coco", meaning you'll definitely want to sink your teeth into its enormous tail. Speaking of 'tails, there's also a new Summer drink menu with group-oriented sangria (classic, raspberry, or passion fruit), a bevy of flavored mojitos (guava, mango, and watermelon) that comes with a sugar cane stirrer each, and the Crown Royal Black, amaretto & crane "Black Snapper", also something you can find curiously few of in the NFL.And, despite the sugar high making you squirm all through nap time, there's also a slew of new desserts like a rolled sponge cake filled w/ Nutella, a Spanish custard made with a recipe from the chef's grandma, and a dark chocolate mousse served in a martini glass, just in case you want that cocktail feel but still, you know, remember Recess.