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Brews where blueprints used to be

Quick, what do bars and architecture firms have in common? They're both extremely concerned with things getting tipsy! Use that joke immediately at Drafting Table. Credit Thrillist (TM), obviously.Named for and full of the tables employed by modern-day architects and 19th-century rich guys who had "studies", the 14th Street booze den nonetheless eschews rich mahogany for rawness like salvaged bus depot stoplights that flash its address (1, 5, 2, 9). The tables are meant to facilitate discussion of "ideas and concepts over a pint of beer", so ignore that first part and choose from 16 taps like Castle Lager, Red Stripe, Dale's Pale Ale, Stone IPA, Carlsberg, and Flying Dog Raging Bitch. Then continue not talking about concepts and ideas while mowing through delicious braised brisket in red wine gravy, duck confit with grilled radicchio/ caramelized shallots/ grapes, and a burger with crispy blue cheese, apricot chutney, and onion jam.There're also a bunch of craft 'tails, with house favorites including the Marie Brizard/vodka "Mandarin Blossom", and the ginger/kaffir lime/Hum liqueur "Prosecco Hummer". Then there are more masculine (morsculine?) classics like Old Fashioneds and Dark & Stormys, so prepare for the ground to start feeling architecturally infirm.