The best Coast

A Texan sensibility doesn't always make things better, from their politicians making debate arguments full of holes, to their trigger-happy populace making nearly everything else full of holes. Eliminating the Tex from what was previously Tex-Mex: the new Tortilla Coast.

An offshoot of the Hill standby, the new Coast ditches its forerunner's TX culinary influence in favor of authentic Mexican cuisine, which its new owners have ensured is served in a way-nicer spot with a 50-person patio and 30ft mural of "Mexican street art", proving wrong your perception that Mexico lacks the high culture necessary to produce streets. Embracing the culinary styles of the Yucatan, Puebla, Veracruz, and Baja regions, signature dishes include a cilantro-marinated skirt steak w/ a morita quemada salsa, adobo-marinated al pastor tacos w/ ancho salsa & pineapple, and a trio of regional ceviches they're touting as "ultra-fresh", probably because while being caught, each fish was flipped, turned upside-down. To ensure you attain a similar level of freshness, there're 11 drafts (like Negra Modelo and Dos Equis), seven cocktails (the reposada tequila/Mexican Coke/lime juice Le Batanga), 50 tequilas (many available in flights), and sangria that comes in "red, white, and sparkling", and is definitely served at Richard Simmons' 4th of July party.

On weekends, they'll be plating chilaquiles (braised corn tortillas w/ three eggs over-easy & grilled skirt steak), panqueques (cornmeal banana pancakes with sweet crème fraiche), and a cornflake-crusted brioche w/ orange piloncillo syrup called "Mexican French toast", which at dinner parties, usually is "Despite our cultural differences, here's to both not having Texas!".