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3 hours of endless beer and wings

Four weeks into the Skins season, and there's a problem: uncertainty at the quarterback position due to a big hit about whether you've been ordering sub-optimal wings on Sundays. So do yourself a favor and hit Saturday's inaugural DC Wingfest, where you can make sure you've got the best go-to after sampling all the top contenders

The event's going down at normally list-only George, meaning you can finally see what the place looks like inside (hint: a bar) while enjoying three hours of bottomless beer and limitless wings from five of The District's best: Old Glory, Hill Country, Wingos, Rhino, and Capitol Lounge. Here's what some early front-runners are flying in with

Old Glory: Their jumbo wings (wait -- is that the one that's an oxymoron?) are first marinated with J Paul's amber ale, Crystal hot sauce, and their secret BBQ rub, then hickory smoked on a wood grill and served w/ either their Memphis BBQ or housemade buffalo sauce

Wingos: The DC staple is giving you options, meaning you can compare and contrast wings flavored with garlic parmesan, lemon pepper, buffalo, and mombo sauce, which was invented in 1999 at Lou Bega's Chinese restaurant

Hill Country: The newcomer's bringing their pit-smoked joints rubbed with cayenne pepper, which you can then get coated in their signature BBQ, or a habanero hot sauce called "If You Can Stand It", unlike RG III after that hit, who was more worried if he could stand, period.