Freshness at the Waterfront

North Dakota's actually got a few things going for it, like Fargo. And new-school rapper Wiz Khalifa. And old-school rapper Bismarck-ie, probably. Now that great state is bringing you something even tastier, with Farmers Fishers Bakers.With views of the ice rink and fire pits a plenty, the GT Waterfront's newest is a collab between the Founding Farmers folks, and (interestingly) the North Dakota Farmers Union, who're sourcing goods from 42,000 family farms across the country to cook up amidst a farmhouse vibe (rolling pins, tractor tires...) and in an patriotically flagged "bakery studio" -- so yeah, expect sweet jams. Flour from Grand Forks, honey from New Rockford, and well, a lot of other stuff from other places you don't know in North Dakota (and elsewhere) go into deliciousness like "long bone cowboy style" chicken with peanut-cider slaw & grits, corn tacos with grilled pork belly, and stuffed Maine lobster with twice-baked root veggies & succotash.When you're done operating heavy farm equipment, indulge in the "Tiki Redux" and "Beer Cocktail" menus, replete with Circa '64 Zombies, Scorpions, and a wheat beer/raspberry syrup/vodka joint called The Greyhawk. Or toss 'em in the trash and let their "cocktail gurus help you discover off-menu options to tantalize your taste buds" by opting for the "Dealer's Choice" -- just make sure Wiz doesn't bump ahead of you in line after hearing the word "dealer".