Glover Park gastropubbery

Combine your first pet's name and the street you first lived on, and you'll get your p*rnstar name -- everyone knows that. But did you know that combining your honeymoon spot with the street of your first house as newlyweds will get you an awesome restaurant? It's true! Just ask the couple behind Mayfair & Pine.The lightly anglophilic love child of a couple that includes Top Chef Season 2's Emily Sprissler (... as the wife), M & P's a gastropub fit with gleaming wood, navy booths, and British street art, all built into the old Town Hall space in Glover Park, that she described as actually having a "surprising family friendly vibe". A pie chart of their entrees would have major sections labeled "Shepherd's" and "chicken pot", then maybe some separate diagram would show walnut pistachio crusted pork loin in a plum sauce, and a "Thanksgiving Sandwich" stuffed with everything you'd imagine (but classed up with cranberry aioli). For beers, there're four drafts like Port City Optimal Wit and New Belgium 1554, plus craft bottles like Founders Dirty Bastard, and Black Sheep's Monty Python Holy Grail Ale, which'll turn you into a knight that says nee...d more beer.And if you're just stopping by for a post-work bar bite, there're leek fritters with a yoghurt mint sauce, and beef Wellington nibbles -- Wellington Nibbles being, by the way, probably the best p*rnstar name ever.Photos by Michael Palmer