Glover Park gets Vietnamese for dummies

Only an idiot would need directions on how to eat (duh, it's: bite, swallow, chew -- wait no...bite, chew, swallow. Yeah: bite, chew, swallow). But do you know how to eat well? Enter Sprig & Sprout, which serves up fast casual Vietnamese in a space with wooden-slat stools, globe lighting, and most importantly: detailed schematics with best practices for getting the most out of their people's cuisine.Take this pho diagram for example, which shows you the effect of each little add-in to your broth, and then makes you really embarrassed for having it pronounced it wrong for so many years.The banh mi schematic lists out all the ingredients of this mysterious pickled puppy, which you can and should get with pork belly. It's served with seafood "air chips", which was also a failed pilot involving Erik Estrada and a jet pack.For those who're tired of eating revenge and believe that rice noodles are also a dish best served cold, the vermicelli bowl blueprints focus less on customization and more on procedure ("Step 1: pour sauce over dish, Step 2: combine mixture with chopsticks," etc).Eventually, there'll be a full service bar upstairs with Vietnamese beer and wine, but for now you'll have no excuse for why your knowledge of how to eat bites.