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'60s spot is totally outta sight, despite being right there, on 14th

Armed with "mod '60s flavor", totally funky Coffy Cafe is sure to get you feelin' all groovy, in that it has so many delicious crepes, you'll leave with all sorts of grooves in your bulging, roll-packing stomach. Retro'd out with red cup chairs, tufted couches, a Jetsons-esque fireplace, and "atomic" silver tables, the place is run by a librarian who demands you check out:

Savory Crepes: The Barbarella's got smoked salmon, cream cheese, sautéed onions, and capers; The Cleopatra Jones bursts with portobellos, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes; and the Super Fly stocks smoked ham, cheddar, and a 100% success rate on NFL Blitz.

Sweet Crepes: Satisfy that s-tooth with the Tiger Lily's mangos, candied walnuts, whipped cream & strawberry sauce; the Mrs. Peal's pumpkin pie filling and graham cracker crust; and the Avenger's Toblerone and "strawberry drizzle", also what ScarJo's hair appears to be treated with in that very movie.

Coffee: The beans all come from Counter Culture and locals Ceremony Coffee Roasters, an Annapolis outfit that also trained the Coffy staff to create foamier, richer lattes by hand-frothing the milk into "micro-beads", though that sounds like an anal-retentive method.

Eventually, Coffy plans to expand the offerings to include baked goods like a sweet potato pound cake made using a family recipe that's surely far out, in that that's how your stomach will protrude after ingesting it.