The Jackie's crew does Mexican... extremely well

El Chucho Cocina Superior's opening this weekend raises three obvious questions: 1) How do they plan to compete in an already crowded market of Columbia Heights Mexican restaurants? 2) Can their cuisine be considered an accurate reflection of current Mexican trends, or is it so thoroughly filtered through the prism of American popular culture as to be considered its own entity? And 3) What's good there? The answer to all three: pasilla chiles stuffed with pork belly. In addition to herb-marinated octopus tacos and roasted pork tortas drowned in arbol salsa, said chiles are being served on metal trays in this 11th St hideout boasting giant ceiling-hanging dice, a wrought-iron-enclosed roofdeck, and a brick bar lit with old torpedo casings, so ping all your friends about how cool this place is. Speaking of which, the drink list's more than ready to get you sunk, with six beer taps (Bear Republic IPA, Negra Modelo...), a $5 marg w/ triple sec on tap, and a lineup of six other house margs like the Todos Naturales w/ organic tequila & agave, and the cilantro-spiked Whipped Avocado.And if margs aren't your thing, they're also pouring Negra Modelo/ tequila boilermakers, and house tequila cocktails like the cassis/ house ginger beer "El Diablo", and the Talisker/ Barenjager "Señor Clusterf*ck", which raises the obvious question: how awesome is that name?