Barbeque & beer from the PORC crew

"The name Kangaroo Boxing Club comes from long-running, drink-infused, late-night bar discussions on the fact that, without technology, man is physically unable to compete with the majority of the animal kingdom."

And with that quote, you've been inside the guy behind Kangaroo Boxing Club's mind, meaning now all that's left is to go inside his actual restaurant, which's appropriately cool/bizarre: church pews, sconces made from Singer sewing machines, and vintage photos of DC in the '20s, into which he's Photoshopped his face and those of his co-owners. It's the same crew who did the Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine (PORC) truck, so the eats are familiarly 'que-y: pulled pork slow-smoked over hickory & applewood for 16hrs, handcut brisket on marble rye w/ caraway Guinness mustard, and an Angus burger topped w/ pulled pork, ham, bacon, and fried egg that's dubbed "Chicken Little", despite the egg meaning it created "chicken zero". So that you can debate animal/human physical supremacy long into the night too, they're pouring 16oz-ers of Lagunitas IPA & Long Trail Blackbeary Wheat, and throwing cans like Crispin Browns Lane, Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella Pils, and Sixpoint Sweet Action

And because a party's not a party until someone whips out the board games, they're stocked with titles like Taboo and Trival Pursuit, and promise that the first person to like their FB page and comment that they'll bring in Candyland will get a free meal when they deliver with the goods.