The ramen rumors are true

There's no clear reason why the more insider the food, the better it tastes -- or maybe there is one, and they're just keeping it from you! Quick, smoke cloud!! Sample some of DC's most clandestine cuisine, by first finding the just-launched People's Noodle Bar.

Run by the chef behind People's Bao catering, the Noodle Bar is a Saturday-only popup ramen shop inconspicuously "located" behind the counter of Columbia Heights' Peruvian poultry-ists Senor Chicken; to place an order, just walk up and ask for a ramen menu from the guy who seems like he doesn't, seems like he might hail from a different... hmm... whatever, just ask the Asian guy. Buckwheat noodles are thickly laid in a rich tonkotsu (pork) broth, with options like crispy duck skin/ egg/ mushrooms, or seared pork shoulder w/ bean sprouts/ baby spinach/ seaweed, all of which can be ordered cold for what they call "Cool Ramen", also a heartwarming film where John Candy makes a Jamaican bobsled team watch him eat noodles for like three weeks straight. If you're not in the mood for ramen, grab yourself some teppan -- noodles sauteed on a griddle w/ olive oil -- which can be ordered with spicy pulled chicken/ wood ear mushrooms/ nori, or de-boned duck with egg and lotus roots, which you'll sprout if you sit at the M Street club for too long...though you will get to hear "Party Rock Anthem" 18000 times.

If this isn't your first ramen rodeo, you can also combine choice toppings (tofu, kelp, bonito flakes, corn) and choose a spice level (up to eight) to create your own soup, ensuring that at the very least, you know why it tastes as good as it does.