Meatstuffs that're out of this world

The space effort's yielded interesting food for decades, from Tang, to astronaut ice cream, to -- whenever they actually encounter those terrifying, giant bugs -- astronauts. Now add finger-licking BBQ to the list, thanks to Epiphany Open Pit, who've just poached the Kennedy Space Center's former chef

The 15yr vet's cooking up grab-n-go smokehouse goodness worthy of increasing your gravitational pull: Southern-style sammies posted on a chalkboard menu and prepped 2-6hrs in a huge, charcoal- and wood-fired "brick smoker", aka Snoop on a Tuesday. Thick mesquite and hickory waft off hand-pulled pork, turkey, and beef brisket (on Kaiser rolls or as platters), as well as ribs smothered with a sweet & smoky brown sugar sauce after being hand-rubbed w/ "Epiphany's essence", which somehow manages to be tasty despite sounding like a stripper's signature perfume line. There's also a pickled "Cuban Reuben" with multiple smoked meats (turkey, ham & pulled pork), a four-ounce Philly steak, and the slow-cooked, au jus-dipped Prime Rib Dip, which will one day overtake the Dougie in the world of urban novelty dance. Just watch

And if you're in the mood for something very marginally lighter, there's marinated rotisserie chicken, and a catch of the day that's battered and fried until it achieves a crunch "to dream about", or what our future insect overlords salivate over when thinking about our brave space men's tender hindquarters.