Get the shakes

Anything that makes impatient New Yorkers wait in line for two hours has got to be good, as that's precious time they could spend yelling "hey, I'm walkin' here!" and eating gabagool. For burgers apparently worth the wait, line up three hours ago for the District's first Shake Shack.

An NYC favorite that still regularly spawns lines around the block, The Shack's settling into Dupont with neon signs that lead into a counter-ordering station mimicking the original Madison Square Park stand, past which runs an open kitchen and stairway to a top floor filled with bench seating and an iron railing, which is also what Tony Stark tells naive reporters they're about to get, but it's ok, he's rich. Meat runs from a signature black angus (single or double) in their secret "ShackSauce" (which reportedly contains everything from paprika to kosher dill pickles), to a cheeseburger with fried portobello, muenster and cheddar, to the "Shack-cago Dog": a Vienna all-beefer topped with enough relish/ onions/ cucumbers /pickles/ tomatoes for them to say it was "dragged through the garden", so they must've written the menu watching the Knicks playoffs or something. Their famous handspun shakes come in everything from black & white to peanut butter, while their selection of "Concretes" (dense frozen custard blended at high speed) has been remixed for DC, with the vanilla/ peanut butter/ marshmallow "Presidential Sweet", to a caramel/ chocolate chunk/ crepe crispies/ seasonal fruit mash-up dubbed the "Majority Whip", so it's unsurprisingly based with vanilla custard.

They've also got wine and beer, with the latter including one 16oz seasonal draught, and a same-sized ShackMeister Ale brewed in Brooklyn, though drink too much, and you'll be gaba-drooling and unable to walkin' anywhere.