The New Orleans PoBoy Shop

Ask a New Orlinean where the best sandwich shop is, and he'll say "It's all about the bread", and then once you've filled his expectant hand with cash, he'll point you to a place that uses really good baguettes... like those used by the LA-born chef behind The New Orleans PoBoy Shop, who makes his own French bread daily, and insists he's got the perfect combination of airy & crisp

The house specialty fills said baguette with crispy shrimp "dressed" w/ lettuce, tomato, and mayo, but you can also cop a Boy bursting with fried, cornmeal-crusted oysters, and then there's the decidedly non-NOLA Carolina BBQ sandwich with caramelized onions & red slaw, which Joseph McCarthy would be quick to accuse (though to be fair, slaw does just sort of sit there not working, presumably waiting to reap the benefits of a welfare-fueled nanny state. Think about it!). Other N'awlins cuisine will rotate through the week, including housemade andouille on Monday, Cajun-spiced meatloaf (w/ mash and greens) Thursday, and on Wednesday, the famed Muffuletta, an Italian sandwich actually born in the French Quarter, breaking with the long tradition of things just being conceived in the French Quarter

And if you work around Dupont, pop in for morning material like classic beignets, freshly baked muffins, and quiches stuffed with ham and cheese, which is what Method Man would demand if you asked him where the best sandwich shop in Baltimore is.