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Sang Jun

Who says a Thai place can't be romantic? They're often beautifully decorated, play soft music, and pretty much ensure that the girl will agree to check out your pad, assuming you order it. So take her to Old Town's newest, Sang Jun, and maybe just don't order anything problematically spicy.A two-story charmer that fits in with King Street neighbors by stocking itself with antiques, Sang Jun translates to "moonlight", and shines with bulbs hanging on pulleys, original wooden ceiling beams, and vintage photos of Thailand's royal family and capital city, questions about which might reveal a rich cultural melange more vibrant than you could've possibly imagined you shouldn't answer without covering your balls. The chef's specialties include a sautéed lamb with Massaman curry paste, roasted peanuts, and a fillet of batter-fried tilapia with fresh chili and basil leaves on top...ia. Lunch options run from a grilled BBQ chicken w/ curry powder, to a sliced, marinated flank steak cooked in high heat, to a meat n' Chinese eggplant stir fry they call "Jungle Lover", so apparently Morris Day got so desperate he had to sell his off.They should have their liquor license very soon, but for now it's all virgin cocktails and Thai iced tea, though at least that means you won't have to worry about her being disappointed with your drunken noodle.