Food & Drink

Pretty people gotta eat too!

Sometimes it takes an outsider to point out objective truths, like that you're really, fantastically hot. Saying just that: the Chinese gent behind Hot People Food, who relocated to VA for high school and was so blown away by the attractiveness of the H-B Woodlawn student body (and the rest of Virginia too!) he launched this magenta, American Idol-lasery food-van in their honor.

Schooled by his mother and grandmother in their native cuisine, this blessedly delusional truck owner is prepping to-go boxes with rice, steamed veggies, and proteins like "Sassy Chicken" marinated in a 13-spice secret sauce, "Pork Belly Dancer" (stir-fried w/ cinnamon/ ginger/ garlic/ peppercorn), and, slow-cooked in tomatoes, onions, and oranges: "Bikini Beef". For those trying to fit into a bikini instead of eat one, there're less hearty apps like boiled eggs marinated for 24hrs in a beef broth ("GolDDen Eggs"), steamed edamame, and deep-fried spring roll riffs stuffed with cabbage, cilantro & oyster sauce, and dubbed "Fire Rolls", so be forewarned that bystanders may smack you with towels and stuff while you're trying to eat them.

If you don't live in the A-town area but consider yourself hot, don't worry, they'd love to cater your backyard birthday, outdoor office party, or "wedding celebration", though if you're having trouble locking down the bride, don't worry: you apparently have smoldering good looks, in China...