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Tongue-tour the Mediterranean

What do Robert Wiedmaier and Michael Jordan have in common? Both are masters of their art, both were extremely proud of Space Jam (... Wiedmaier just sort of in a societal sense), and now, both care deeply about 23. See, that's the number of countries bordering the Mediterranean and exerting their influence on the new Wildwood Kitchen, accented by dark wood beams supporting a photographic woodland frieze that sadly lacks Bugs Bunny

Though Bugs certainly would appreciate the carrots on this roasted farmhouse chicken in a bed of cippolini onions & squid ink mushroom puree

Probably also the ones framing these beef short ribs, which're criss-crossed, despite the dish ensuring that it's some time before you're able to jump, jump

And then there are the slow-braised meatballs, lovingly shaped from Border Springs Farm lamb, topped with shaved rocca, and bedded on olive oil-infused potato puree. Do you have what it takes to conquer 23?