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Beautifully bizarre burritos

Published On 09/06/2012 Published On 09/06/2012

No longer feel bad about softly telling your Mexican food how gorgeous it is, because apparently now the burritos are as crazy as you. Or so you'd think after hearing about Rito Loco, a brand new, big red food truck serving "unique, creative" burritos that blend Cuban, Spanish & soul food sensibilities. Anytime Mexi-wraps include the Rib Rito and its twice-seasoned baby back ribs, the Mojito w/ citrus-infused pulled chicken & fresh mint, and the Mojo: a mixture of garlic- & onion-marinated chicken described as "classic Cuban", or, what people say every time Mark creates a stupid tech company, sells it at the height of the bubble, buys a sports team, then sits behind it wearing tight t-shirts. If you occasionally wake up, there are also morning breakfast options like the granola-filled Fruity Rito stuffed with berries of all kinds, and the AM Rito, bursting with seasoned scrambled eggs & cheesy pasta shells (coat it -- or anything -- with their fiery "LOCO" hot sauce, and prepare to become a shell of a man!). And, like the Church Lady, there'll be a new special every week, which'll include creations like an onions/peppers 'rito awesomely stuffed with Italian sausage, though hopefully that's not giving you any ideas...



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