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Korean eats hit Virginian streets

Because the only thing better than Korean street food is a viciously clever name, track down The District's newest purveyor of eats/puns: Seoul Food, which's helmed by a L’Academie De Cuisine grad, rocks magenta paint and a yin yang-y logo, and was dreamt up in a Whole Foods, so it probably cost like $17 too much.

Start your morning with a trio of fried tofu shells (stuffed with sticky rice, carrots & toasted sesame seeds), a Korean breakfast sandwich with sautéed onions and carrots "folded" into a fried egg, or the Kalbi Burrito w/ scrambled egg, avocado, kimchi, and your choice of chicken or beef, though if you choose beef, you're sort of by definition not chicken. Lunch gets started with bibimbap (steak, chicken, or tofu), and a quesadilla w/ caramelized kimchi/Korean-style salsa roja, plus there's a possibly-not-Korean spicy tuna roll w/ roasted seaweed, green onion, cucumber, and skipjack tuna that’s 100% caught “pole and troll”, aka the episode of Jersey Shore where Snooki got onstage at a strip club.

If you’re not completely stuffed already, they’ve also got dessert like a tart w/ caramelized “peaches and cream”, and a lemon-zested, strawberry-covered "Wine Maker's Cake", both with enough calories to ensure that even if formerly small, you won't come away pun-y.