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Whip it Up

Congratulations: you're about to get the inside scoop on one of Pork Barrel BBQ's secret recipes, and you didn't even have to sleep with one of the sous chefs (though boy was it fun anyway!). Behold the Italian Grilled Pork Sandwich, which Pork Barrel's award-winning pit-maestro Heath Hall walks you through in the video above, as he teaches you how to

1. Magic-up a delicious wet rub of minced garlic and olive oil

2. Kill time while you marinate a pork loin for 2-3hrs! (actually, that'd be a great time to watch the vid again, approx 40-60 times

3. Grill that loin the way Bobby Flay always talks about, with the quick searing on high heat and the longer cooking on lower heat

4. Prepare and pronounce "broccoli rabe"

5. Layer slices of loin, smoked provolone, and broccoli rabe (like "Rob"? who knows?!) into a beautiful Italian roll

6. Seduce his naive young sous chef, just because!