Dogs, chili, chillness

Ben's Chili Bowl has become a DC institution, which coincidentally is where you may be committed after the maddening line at Ben's Chili Bowl inspires you to murder everyone. Get the chili dogs without wait, from TOPS.

A Montgomery county food truck that just copped a DC license, TOPS serves up spicy beef goodness from a bold red, black-wheeled meat-mobile which had to remove its back propane tank in accordance with DC regulations, meaning the regulatory committee is also now taking the gas out of local businesses, as opposed to just the steam. Flavorosity comes via:

Dogs: Using meat-tubes from Lancanster, PA (yes, they're Amish -- what of it?), they’re slinging wieners like a sweet Italian sausage w/ onions and peppers on a toasted bun, the apple maple sausage “So Good” topped with a scrambled egg, cheese, syrup, and powdered sugar; plus, there's a Nathan's all beef-er with chili, a scrambled egg, cheese, and sour cream called the “Landslide”, also what Chris Christie eats hourly in for preparation in 2016.

Chili and Fries: Having already won three or four cook-off victories, their secret beef chili recipe was actually gifted to them by a friend whose family used tons of chipotle peppers and very little discretion. It's served on a dog or in a bowl w/ cheese, and alongside or on top of deep-fried, steak-cut fries that are tossed on the grill w/ cheese before being served in a boat, unlike someone who goes crazy at Ben's, and ends up serving time in the can.