Old Town, new Tex-Mex

Although they're short one and weirdly didn't open in Chevy Chase, Dos Amigos is more than ready to serve you a plethora of "fine Tex-Mex" options in Old Town, with the two El Salvadorian owner bffs mejor amigos 4evas serving their sizzling goodness to you perched on a mosaic tiled bar, or at turquoise low-tops next to floor-to-ceiling windows

The menu's not un-Cheesecake Factory-like in size, with guac, taquitos, and wings warming up for pretty much every Mexican interpretation of meat, cheese, and flour you can imagine (burritos, enchiladas, chimichangas, fajitas, tacos...), as well as every American interpretation of patty-shaped ground meat you won't be able to stop thinking about (guac burgers, the jalapenos/pepper jack/buffalo sauce "Texas Inferno"...). And if say -- post chimichangas and bacon burgers -- you're looking to hibernate for Winter, there's all manner of grilled seafood (shrimp, mahi, tilapia...), plus adobo-marinated steak laredo, and baby back ribs slow-smoked "until they almost fall off the bone", unlike you after this feast, simply falling through the chair

All the beer you'd expect is there (Modelo, Tecate, ...um, Shiner Bock), but anyone with half a brain to get freezed will opt for one of four daiquiris or eight margaritas, all of which'll make you feel El Guapo even if you're mad Short.