A true vet puts down pizza roots in Clarendon

Where most 13yr-olds can accurately be described as pizza faces, by that age the New Yorker behind now-opening Bronx was already on his way to becoming a serious pizza head.The man who started tossing pies as a youth just blocks from Yankee Stadium is now a full-grown, 32yr 'za vet who, having sold his New England-based, 42-resto chain to Sbarro ("Where the tastes are as exotic as the letter combinations!"), has now moved to Arlington, where he's ready to serve us. His counter-style slice-eteria is stocked with the requisite photos of The Big Apple, and churns out pizzas with hand-tossed dough shipped down from NY's Cardinal Bakery. Signatures include the Tremont Ave w/ roasted chicken breast & carbonara, and the pepperoni/ sausage/ ham/ meatballs Hunt Point The Meat; meanwhile, hoagies run from the Bronx Bomber cheesesteak, to the Orchard Beach w/ sweet Italian sausage & fire-roasted peppers, to the capicola/ mortadella/ prosciuttini/ genoa salami Tony Soprano Over-Stuffed -- obviously redundant, but just don't let him hear you saying that.And while they're nothing fancy, there are a few drafts -- Peroni included -- to flush it all down, assuming that doesn't bring back overly embarrassing memories from middle school.