A market that encourages drinking

Like the casting of James Bonds, the recent trend in grocery stores has undeniably been towards "more bulk". Well, no longer, with Society Fair: a "lifestyle food market" just opening from creators of Restaurant Eve and Virtue Feed & Grain. Focusing on quality instead, Fair replaces endless aisles with a chandelier'd central seating area (buttressed with iron accents reclaimed from the Paris metro) rimmed by stations for coffee, butchery, wine, baked goods, and more, including artisanal deliciousness like:

  • Meats running from a whole goat, to spring lamb, to wild boar, to America's rarest breed of cattle: Randall Linebacks
  • Sandwiches (on house-baked bread) like the open-faced lamb shoulder/ lemon yogurt/ sultana mostarda My Turkish Cousin, who you definitely don't want representing you on trial in the deep south
  • Home cocktail bolsterers like house-made dirty martini mix, house-pickled 'tail olives, shakers, and to-go drink mixes from PX's Todd Thrasher
  • A marble wine bar where you can sidle up to high-chairs and sip 120 wines, or Thrasher wine-tails including one made with Riesling, vermouth, extra dry rum, sweet white onions, and a "bacon cracker", aka how most characters from The Wire would order bacon at this very bar

And if you need to know how to cook what you just bought, reserve a spot at their 10-seat demo bar for a near-daily "inter-engaging three-course dinner" -- a meal so filling that, just like always, no one will ask for Roger Moore.