Honest Eats in Thomas Circle

President Lincoln has inspired so many things, from progressive thought on equality, to toys for 10-year-olds, to misspelled band names for people not yet mature enough for the aforementioned logs. Now, he's inspired a restaurant, in Lincoln.

Serving seasonal American small-plates with nods to Abe's favs (...apparently he liked oysters), Lincoln's rocking a tiled floor lined with over a million pennies, two rooms lit by 100+ mason jar lamps, and an entire wall bearing a Jasper Johns-esque American flag mural, all with the goal of creating a "contemporary chic log cabin" with "a modern pop tone", which makes sense, as he was in some ways the original Daddy Yankee. Market-fresh goodness runs from mussels with Granny Smith apples & fennel pollen, to oysters gratinée with cornbread crumbs, to a whole roasted spring chicken served with pan gravy/caramelized shallots, to a grilled steelhead trout with sweet corn succotash and tomato jam, which's also an improvised session where all the dudes just make squishing noises. Because even presidents booze, they've got signature cocktails like beet puree/ botanical-infused rye/ fresh lemon "Gettysburg Address" served in a double rocks glass, the lemon/ ginger/ Death's Door white whiskey "Honest Abe's Moonshine" poured in a mason jar, and a six-serving tub of gin, cachaca, lemon, and lavender clove called the "Emancipation Punch", or, how Frederick Douglass would finish opponents if he were a character in Mortal Kombat.

For old-schoolers, they've also got classics like 6yr rye/ lime/ gomme syrup "Shoemaker's Rickey" (from Joe Rickey-Shoemaker's 1883 DC bar), and a gin/green Chartreuse/ Maraschino drink called "The Last Word", which's also what everyone over 10 hopes that song from the Transformers soundtrack will be.