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Taste the best pizza in Boston... in DC

DC and Boston have a lot in common: both have tons of colleges, a highly educated population knowledgeable about politics & history, and popular outdoor areas named after John Quincy Adams Morgan. Now they've got pizza in common, too: Upper Crust Pizzeria

Founded in Beantown and named "Boston's Best" by the Globe, Upper Crust's first DC locale's baking up thin crust goodness from six huge stove ovens in an open kitchen looking out on a cozy dining room decorated with dozens of pizza tins hanging from the ceiling, implying all those squalid tin-roof shanty towns might actually smell surprisingly good. The specialty pies have been adorably named after District institutions, including the prosciutto/ fresh basil/ sliced tomato "Dupont" white pizza, the hamburger/ pepperoni/ Italian sausage "Senate", and an arrabbiata/ chorizo/ crushed red pepper joint called the "The Old Town", which could be the name for a gripping thriller about Ben Affleck visiting charming antique shops while Jeremy Renner pistol whips their elderly owners. If you're a loser who hates pizza, they've also got options like chicken or beef lasagna, meat calzones with mozzarella, ricotta, and imported asiago, and sides including blended cheeses/ egg "spinach squares", a group Popeye definitely falls into -- who still wears bell bottoms

And as fine pizza deserves fine beer, they've got drafts including Peroni, Harpoon IPA, and the seasonal from Sam Adams, which should still be the Noble Pils, a beer presumably named after what gets sold in President Adams Morgan's favorite neighborhood.