When you can't figure out what movie to watch it helps to ask film geek friends, except when they tell you to see The Importance of Being Earnest and you're like wait, so where's Jim Varney? Ditch those clowns and figure out what to rent next with FilmGator.From the bustling film mecca that is Finland, Gator's applies a recommendation engine to movies by tracking your viewing habits and letting you rate/review any flick, then spitting back ones you'd potentially like thanks to an algorithm so secret, you won't find out what it is until the next sentence. Said algorithm's based on actors/directors/genres you're into, films' overall popularity, and "tags" (eg, Taken gets "kidnap" and "business", etc), and recommendations get more pointed as you reveal more about your taste; search for any movie or browse a genre/release date slidebar for a memory jog to rate what you've seen, then instantly get your recs in the form of a gallery of movie posters, which in many cases, is much prettier than the movies themselves. Once you get commanded what to view, you can remember to watch by filling out a "Watch List", and if you feel like getting crazy-specific once you've seen something, use their "Timeline" feature to add the date you saw it and who with, to better track just how many people won't hang out after watching Deliverance.Since everyone's more comfortable doing what everyone else does, you can choose to follow fellow users and see who's reviewing/watching what, letting you find out who else out there is just completely Wilde about Slam Dunk Ernest.